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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How it all started...

So there I was, a ton of wind shear hitting my Airbus A320 as I was on final approach into an airport in Hawaii. The flight had rocked so far, but now, the turbulence was really getting on my nerves. I swung the aircraft onto the runway heading, determined not to have to resort to a go-around. I braced myself for a crash landing and...."screech!" went the tires on the runway. We had landed! I applied all the brakes and the aircraft rolled to a halt.

No this wasn't in real life - I'm not a real pilot, but I really want to be one. This adventure was only made possible through the magic of simulation - to be specific, through the magic of Captain YS' YS Flight Simulator. I fly all sorts of aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, but when I need to have some real flying fun, I turn to YS Flight SImulator!

So basically, this whole blog is dedicated to my adventures in YS Flight Simulator, with the occasional post about FS 2004. So to all aircraft enthusiasts, enjoy!

Until next time,
Captain BS 

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