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Friday, April 8, 2011

BlueJet Flight 211: Hawaiian Interisland Flight (Attempt #2)

BlueJet flight 211 (an Airbus A320-200) takes off from Honolulu International Airport.
Once my Airbus A320-200 lifted off from Honolulu International Airport's runway 08, I knew that BlueJet flight 211 was going to be an amazing one. The flight proceeded well, with few problems. The twist came when I was approaching what I thought (and still think) was Hilo Airport. Suddenly, a huge gust of wind blew the A320 to the left of the runway. Fighting the wind, I made a hard right and re-aligned my aircraft with the runway. Then, I discovered that I was way too high to land! Therefore, the approach became a little steep, and I had to idle the engines a bit early. But, all in all, the landing was pretty good for an A320 on such a short runway.

I really enjoyed that flight and I hope to have more such flying adventures again. I really wish that you could have experienced that flight. It was truly a flight to remember.

Best Regards,
Captain BS

P.S. Here are some photos from the flight:

Flight 211 on approach to what I thought (and still think) was Hilo Airport.

The airport comes into sight.

50, 40, 30, 10...and...touchdown!!! Wooohoooo!!!

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